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Sharpen your focus with a bird's-eye view
Real-time Iteration and Continuous Improvement: Plan, reflect, iterate, repeat.
  Plan, reflect, iterate, repeat.  The iterative process is one of those words that feels more congruent in the context of a room full of software developers.  However, all teams and functions iterate in one way or another - including those teams involved in roading and infrastructure program delivery.   Our operating environment is dynamic and this.. Read More
Unlocking Step Changes and Productivity Gains
    We talk about enabling real-time decision making, but what about real-time iteration?  There is an important difference between them… Real-time decision making is about having access to the information you need, in order to make a quick and effective decision.  Often this is based on a linear, predefined view or assumption about the end goal. How.. Read More
Queensland lays groundwork for growth with an eye on infrastructure delivery
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest data, of all the states, Queensland gained the biggest boost from net interstate migration over the March 2021 quarter.  What was once a story for retirement, Australia’s Sunshine State has turned a page on jobs and population growth. The latest chapter cites a ‘millennial migration’ and this is.. Read More
Get Back on Track this Summer by Working Smarter, Not Harder
As we enter the busy summer season, we’re behind the eight ball and facing unknown conditions as rolling lockdowns impact public behaviour and traffic conditions.   With the weather improving and lockdowns easing we can expect to see increased traffic but where and why?  How will this impact Christmas shopping, people returning to work, when and where.. Read More