Can we change the status quo as we emerge from COVID-19?
We have entered unusual times. As households stay full, cars stay parked, and roads begin clearing - an opportunity has arisen in the construction and road maintenance sector.  Read More
Maintaining safety around unmanned sites
As New Zealand faces unprecedented times over the next four weeks, Capital Roading Projects will be stood down to align with our Government's guidance during the COVID-19 response.  Read More
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Determine the best time to work
We have introduced a new menu design to support the future growth of Mooven as we continue to release new features and functionality. Central to this release is a new planning tool to optimise when work should occur and in-app support to give you easy access to support when you need it.  Read More
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Safer Worksites and Improved Engagement
We are excited to introduce two new features that will help you deliver actionable outcomes for your projects. Read More
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Historical Traffic Data
When planning activity during the holiday periods, getting a clear understanding of traffic patterns from previous years can help you determine optimal work schedules with confidence. To assist in scenarios like this, we have introduced the ability to produce custom reports using historical data from TomTom. Historical data is useful for: Read More
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Product Release: Journey time and interactive reporting
Unlocking New Insights We are excited to introduce two options that will help you to unlock new insights. Read More
Product release: Safety and Speed
Safety and Speed We have been busy enabling new insights and are excited to release an Average Speed panel and the first phase of in-app notifications. The Average Speed panel can be used to understand both traffic congestion patterns and excess speed through worksites to support your health and safety obligations. Read More
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Mooven acquires transport product from Qrious
Qrious employees turn product into exciting new start-up Read More
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