Product Update: Share saved views with your project team

Product Release

Group, share routes and views with your team

Does your Communications team need different insights to your delivery and traffic teams? No problem, Mooven has become even easier to use. Group, name, and share custom views with your team and customers.

Mooven has a whole new look, which gives you more space to see what’s important and a bunch of new functionality with it.


You will now find the filters and controls on the left hand side of the screen, providing additional space for the map and insights.  This design makes it easier to select the routes you are interested in, along with the ability to deselect all.

Switching between live data and planning has also moved into this new menu so you can alternate views without losing your selected routes.  If you want to manage sites or users, you will find these controls underneath the 'Admin'    

This design is also the first step in unlocking some additional features we are working on so watch this space.


Custom Views 

Working from the same source of truth is important for seamless delivery but we're not all interested in the same information.   

Saved views let you group, save and share collections of routes for specific purposes.   

Each person in the project team can have their own custom views of the site, aligned to the outcomes they are interested in. 


Tailored Summaries

Your summary metrics now updated based on the the routes you have selected.

You can easily check the headlines most important to you. These also work with the new custom views functionality.


Improved Controls

With the new layout comes improved controls over your monitoring and who has access.

There is a fresh new look for scheduling when monitoring is active and editing details about your project.

It is also now easier to define who the primary contact should be and who should have read-only access.  Making it more comfortable to share access with key stakeholders while restricting their ability to make unintended changes.


Jonathan Ng
Head of Product


Jonathan Ng