Product Update: Environmental Monitoring

Work within your environmental constraints

Mooven works very closely with our customers and we have invested in solving one of your pain points with real-time environmental insights. 

We have been testing environmental monitoring on our platform for over 9 months across different locations. We are now able to show Environmental Monitoring insights on our platform, so you can easily manage community impact and work within your environmental constraints. 


Perceptions Impact Work

We know that noise, dust, and other environmental restrictions can impact the delivery of your projects. Concerns and rules are often subjective and complaints are hard to validate. This makes life difficult. 


What does Environmental Monitoring capture?

Continuous and real-time monitoring of variables like noise and air quality (dust) can be used for transparent reporting, proactively addressing potential issues and adjusting planned activity based on predicted weather conditions.

Baseline values can be established prior to works beginning to provide a reference point for KPI's and demonstrate your net impact. 

MOOVEN Environmental Monitoring Traffic

Dust & Particulate

Track different particulate sizes, so that you can avoid dust related issues by reacting faster and implementing solutions to prevent complaints.

MOOVEN Environmental Noise Monitoring Traffic


Understand exactly what the pre-project conditions are compared to the noise volumes you are producing from your work site.

MOOVEN Environmental Rain Monitoring Traffic


Capture rainfall for clear, factual evidence and reporting to your key stakeholders and clients around delays that may have occurred.

How do we capture the insights?

We can provide environmental sensors, using one of our partners or we can take advantage of any existing sensors on your worksite.

Environmental sensor(s) can either be mounted to a fixed object or provided on a trailer that can be moved around the worksite as required. These can be either mains power or solar power. 

Speak to us today for more information or a demonstration.