Where Opportunities Arise - Mobile housing and facilities for physical distancing

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Where Opportunities Arise

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”

No better can this be seen than in the fast, agile innovation, companies of all sizes are executing in these interesting times.

Tourism businesses have been hit particularly hard during this time and will continue to face challenges long after the immediate lockdowns end. I spent many years in the tourism industry and have been watching closely as they have begun pivoting to discover needs they previously never knew about, such as mobile housing for workers who can’t travel or facilities that can be used to help maintain physical distancing. 

Helping the Construction Sector During Covid-19

One such company is Tourism Holding Limited (THL). THL is the largest provider of holiday vehicles for rent and sale globally, has well-known brands like Britz, Maui, and mighty campers, and is a fellow New Zealand company. THL have been quick to realise the impact of these unprecedented times and find new, innovative ways to support the construction, horticulture, and governments in their COVID-19 responses.

Temporary Housing and Facilities for Construction Workers

With construction projects still having deadlines, maintaining efficiency while being subject to lockdown and physical distancing requirements can be a real challenge.

The unique offering of completely self-contained, mobile, isolated living quarters, ticked a lot of boxes, and has given many companies the huge opportunity to maintain their rate of working. Mooven has seen a great response to THLs transition into mobile living quarters. 

THL’s temporary housing can be used to provide: 

  • Onsite temporary accommodation: limiting the requirements to move staff to and from the site, while also reducing the risks associated with wider community exposure. This is particularly useful for remote sites like wind farms or greenfield development.

  • Site Offices: rather than getting everyone together in a single location, additional site offices can be added reducing the number of people who are required in one location.

  • Smoko Rooms: Likewise, mobile homes can be used as break rooms on-site, providing well-stocked services for small groups of workers to support physical distancing.

Motorhomes provide a great solution as they can be isolated from other facilities, are self-contained and mobile so can be moved around worksites or between worksites as required.

Moving Together

If you or anyone you know might benefit from having ready-to-go mobile accommodations for your workforce, get in contact with THL. 

Find out more: http://www.thlonline.com/aboutthl/Pages/EssentialServicesSupport.aspx

This is just one of many stories out there. Have you seen any businesses delivering innovative solutions? We’d love to hear and share some of these success stories.

Micah Gabriels

Micah Gabriels

CEO at Mooven