Mooven into the US
Our cities are grinding to a halt.  Getting stuck in traffic has become the new norm for many of us.  The promise of our future cities is great but why is progress so painfully slow? I recently worked with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Centre to test our thinking about who Mooven can solve these challenges at scale and why the US market is pivotal to our.. Read More
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Product Update: Share saved views with your project team
Group, share routes and views with your team Does your Communications team need different insights to your delivery and traffic teams? No problem, Mooven has become even easier to use. Group, name, and share custom views with your team and customers. Read More
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Get Back on Track this Summer by Working Smarter, Not Harder
As we enter the busy summer season, we’re behind the eight ball and facing unknown conditions as rolling lockdowns impact public behaviour and traffic conditions.   With the weather improving and lockdowns easing we can expect to see increased traffic but where and why?  How will this impact Christmas shopping, people returning to work, when and where.. Read More
Product Update: Environmental Monitoring
Work within your environmental constraints Mooven works very closely with our customers and we have invested in solving one of your pain points with real-time environmental insights.  Read More
Mooven raises $5M to help deliver world-changing infrastructure
Mooven unites crucial data to help construction teams minimise disruption and congestion SYDNEY, 15 June 2021 - Construction tech platform Mooven, today announces it has raised NZD$5 million in a Series A funding round. Led by SaaS specialist VC firm Equity Venture Partners, with additional investment from Five Ventures Investment, the capital will.. Read More
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The Road to Summer Success
Here comes the Sun! To all of our bewilderment, Summer is officially here. Through the unknowns, lockdowns, re-openings, opportunities, hindrances, and everything in between, we’re seeing the end to a wild year of uncertainty. However, the impact of what has been 2020 will still continue well into the new year. Read More
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Queue Monitoring - An exciting new insight
Queue Monitoring Queueing is an exciting new insight Mooven has recently launched. So what is it and how do you use it? Below are some real world use cases we often come across, that you may find quite applicable. Read More
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Create Complex Detours and Automate Monitoring Times
Create Complex Sites In this product release we have introduced new functionality to provide you with more flexibility when creating monitoring.  This is the first step of a wider update to how monitoring is created and managed. Read More
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Safety is like going to the gym
As restrictions ease and we start returning to normalcy, we face a new time-bound challenge. Worker and public safety around roadworks and construction sites. Read More
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Where Opportunities Arise - Mobile housing and facilities for physical distancing
“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” Read More
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Preparing for tomorrow
In my last blog we touched on three key problems faced when looking to deliver projects in a rapidly changing environment. Read More